Yak Wool Beanie

100% Yak Wool

Yaks are awe-inspiring animals that live mostly in the mountains of Tibet. They are horn-bearing cattle and the fur on their massive bodies is dense and wild.

Under this outer layer, however, hides a fine undercoat, which is among the finest and most precious types of wool ever!

Every year only a few hundred grams of wool can be combed out by hand from each animal.

Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • The wool is extremely fine (16-18 microns) and therefore soft and light.
  • Yak Wool does not scratch and is often well tolerated by people with allergies.
  • It repels moisture and remains odorless.
  • But above all, Yak Wool is wonderfully warming, so you are well equipped with our products, even at temperatures below zero.

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